Italian Dropshipping Translations: campaigns work better if localized

Italian Dropshipping Translations: campaigns work better if localized

Ecommerce is evolving and demand for Italian dropshipping translations keeps increasing…

But what does ‘dropshipping‘ mean?

In a nutshell, dropshipping is selling someone else’s products.

You’ve probably heard about Oberlo, Aliexpress, etc.

Unlikely from affiliations, it’s you to make the sale.

Most noteworthy your dropshipper deals with everything, from manifacturing to shipping.

So you can stay focused on marketing.


About Italian dropshipping translations: campaigns work better if localized

One of the awesome advantages of dropshipping? It offers you a wide range of products to showcase in your website. And all of these products are ready to sell.

BUT their description is often available in English only.

So when it comes to selling those products in Italy, you need to have all of the campaigns and product descriptions translated to Italian. And localized…

Due to this, I’m often hired for ‘dropshipping translations’.


3 secrets to make your Italian dropshipping translations and campaigns successful…

  1. First: don’t use automated translations, as they wouldn’t sound natural; moreover, automated translations to Italian often sound pretty funny… (not professional however).
  2. Second: avoid using Italian copy already translated by competitors, as it might contain mistakes. And not only that. Duplicated content is penalized by search engines!
  3. In addition: if you plan to rank on search engines (and don’t want to rely just on paid campaigns), get quality SEO Italian dropshipping translations.


Finally: feel free to get in touch for anything you may need.


That’s all for now 😉

Maria Teresa Cantafora – Translator English to Italian