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Why blogging is better than guest posting

Why blogging is better than guest posting

Many website owners rely on guest posting for their SEO strategy. Try blogging instead!

Many website owners rely on guest posting for their SEO strategy. While they expect to find dozens of free guest posting opportunities to sponsor their products and services, it’s not all a bed of roses.

Certainly great guest posting opportunities do exist (like this Italian travel guest post service). And much depends on your industry.

But the truth is that developing your content strategy around your own blog is far more profitable.


Blogging vs Guest Posting:

Developing your SEO strategy around your own blog gives you these 6 benefits:

  1. You don’t need to spend time searching for guest posting opportunities.
  2. No outreach needed.
  3. You avoid scams (people promising you a do-follow link and then just publishing your article  without any links).
  4. No expenses (most of guest posting opportunities are paid).
  5. Moreover you don’t run the risk of post/link removal.
  6. And most of all, you invest your time on empowering your own website, publishing all of the fresh and amazing content on your own property.

After all, giving unique content away to other websites is not a great idea; this especially if you are an excellent writer or you can afford to hire an excellent writer.


Growing your own blog offers you an SEO advantage

By growing your blog, you increase your domain authority. And this is going to help your landing pages rank better on Google.

Curiously, many website owners neglect this valuable SEO advantage.

They just think “I don’t need a blog. I just need links​!” Simply put this is why they look for guest posting opportunities.

Yes, I know… The more people out there are talking about you, the better it is.

Still there are other ways than guest posting to make them talk about you.

As long as you create content that people are looking for, your blog will start becoming popular. People will naturally start mentioning you on social media, forums and websites. Also consider to start an affiliate program, if you haven’t already.


Requirements for blogging?

Quality (100% original content) and being consistent.

Also relevant: don’t forget to optimize your posts on search engines or they won’t be visible.

Publishing a couple of posts and then forget about your blog won’t help your marketing efforts. Rather you’ll need to post at least once or even twice a week.

That said, just be original and take your time for blogging. Enjoy! 🙂



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