Cryptocurrency translations: a way to unlock global markets

The crypto market is one of the fastest-growing of all times. For anyone working with crypto globally, it is crucial to have professional cryptocurrency translations.

How does crypto technology work?

The key of crypto’s success is its underlying technology: the blockchain.

This technology allows for transactions to be secured and verified through a network, composed of many nodes. Each of these nodes is executing a common algorithm, and they interact between each other. The compound effect of this activity is allowing money transfers, without the need of a central regulating authority.

Instead of a vertical financial system where banks can mint money at will, crypto is a horizontal financial system where all individuals have equal power. Before the advent of this technology, having governments take care of printing bills was the only choice available. Now this constraint doesn’t hold true anymore, and people are making a transition.

Why crypto are growing?

Luna USD

Cryptocurrencies are much more volatile than traditional assets. The most popular ones grow over time, throught many ups and downs.

The faith in the value of cryptocurrencies can hold or crumble due to global events or government bans. There’s a variety of factors impacting on crypto prices: energetic supplies, inflation, interest rates.

The reason why the price eventually goes back up is that FIAT currencies have to deal with recession, inflation and central banks politics. While crypto just don’t. They are supplied at a steady, foreseeable pace, which takes the name of “mining”.

And no crisis allows to print new bitcoins unrestrained, while faith in governments often dwindles. This allows people to earn, spend, exchange and treasure these assets without the constant fear of depreciation.

A market of possibilities

Most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum stay valuable because of their popularity, and not because of their edge-cutting technology. Transactional costs are much lower on newer blockchains. And for those who want to avoid fluctuation, there are also stablecoins available. Cryptocurrencies that are pinned on USD or EUR value, for ease of use.

Lending and borrowing money for crypto creators and holders is much easier than doing so with banks. In the real world you can borrow money from banks, which might or might not believe in your idea. In the world of crypto you can borrow money from protocols, which simply check whether you meet fixed pre-requisites, making it simple and cost-effective. You can also crowdfund your idea, potentially leveraging all the capital you need just by talking to a public on social media.

The need of the hour: cryptocurrency translations

crypto growth

For consumers, switching to decentralized digital currency is quite straightforward. They just need to create a wallet, fill it with crypto and then saving or trading with their asset. On the other hand companies/businesses who joined the cryptocurrency bandwagon need to stay updated with the latest trends and revolutionize their work culture.

The majority of the crypto investors are non-English speakers. The demand for crypto services is borderless, but smooth communication is quite limited. Especially if translation services can’t keep up with the pace. In order to offer services and compete in a global market, business are in strong need of crypto translators.

Examples of cryptocurrency translations that we offer

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Translation (English to Italian)
  • Whitepaper Translation (English to Italian)
  • Website and App Translation (English to Italian)
  • Financial Reports Translation (English to Italian)
  • Insurance Documents (English to Italian)
  • Marketing Materials (English to Italian)

NFT translations

We specialize in fintech and digital currency translation services. Our goal is to provide localization of your blockchain-related content at a fair rate. We gaze upon NFTs, stablecoins, DeFi and are very much familiar with this world’s vocabulary. We regard NFTs as an hybrid of art and monetization, purporting you to take full advantage of the global reachable audience. You can read our article about NFT translations to understand why NFTs shape themselves as a unique form of art.