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Reduce bounce rate and increase traffic with bucket brigades

Reduce bounce rate and increase traffic with bucket brigades

Ideally SEO content should reduce bounce rate and generate traffic on your website. Are you using SEO content but still having a hard time generating traffic? Or do you have a high bounce rate? Especially in these cases, bucket brigades can help you a lot.

But what are bucket brigades?


Bucket brigades: definition

Basically bucket brigades are very short phrases that keep readers on your page.

Here’s an example:

bucket brigades


As I’ve learned from Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, they are an old school copywriting tactic. Originally they were used to keep people reading sales letters.

How can bucket brigades reduce bounce rate?

Today, bucket brigades are a simple yet powerful weapon to reduce bounce rate. By making your content more engaging, they actually keep readers on your page.

And why do they increase traffic?

As you may know, user experience signals influence search engine rankings. In other words, if visitors stick around, this is a strong message that your page makes them happy. And this will boost your ranking and traffic.

Great! But how can you use bucket brigades?

2 steps tecnique

Actually this is a very simple technique that won’t take you much time.

  1. First, identify the places of your content where readers can get bored. In other words, identify where users are likely to hit the back button.
  2. Then, add a bucket brigade in each of these places. This will make your content compelling and readers won’t leave the page (or at least it will reduce bounce rate and increase traffic).

You’re done!


Here are a few bucket brigades that you can include in your content:

  • Here’s the deal:
  • But there’s a catch.
  • What’s the real story?
  • How can you actually use this?
  • The best part?
  • Why does this matter?
  • That’s not all.

I took all of the examples from this video:

Watch this video for more indepth info about the topic.

Be creative!

In addition, you can come up with more and more of these short engaging phrases that make readers stick around.

In conclusion…

Now that you know bucket brigades, use them to improve your existing content and write amazingly engaging new content.

Once done, this will instantly reduce bounce rate and increase traffic on your blog or website!

Try it out and let me know! 😉