WordPress website translation English to Italian

WordPress website translation English to Italian

Saving on a WordPress website translation can be vital. Especially when it comes to Multilingual websites, with hundreds of differents languages.

While an automated translation appearently seems like the cheapest solution, it never sounds 100% natural.

Moreover a machine translation can’t be localized.

And not only that.

A machine translation isn’t optimized for ranking on search engines.


After all… a human translation can be more cost-effective, as long as it helps you reach new customers and make sales!


How a WordPress website translation can help you reach new customers and make sales?

Basically, these are the skills you should look for:

  1. Ability to translate and localize pages in the language needed (ideally you should look for a native speaker).
  2. Experience with WordPress (so to upload the translation without any issues).
  3. Ability to optimize the pages (on-page SEO).
  4. The ability to do some keyword research is also necessary in a professional translator. He/she should pick up the best keywords (which will end up driving you more traffic).

Finding the right person may save you some headaches. In fact you won’t need to upload (and optimize) by yourself all of the translations in languages you actually don’t speak.

Also, chances are your localized and optimized pages will get a good ranking on Google!


And this is the best way to reach new customers and increase sales.


Hire me for a WordPress website translation English to Italian!

Hire me if you need a WordPress website translation to Italian.

I’m a native Italian speaker and an SEO translator English to Italian with WP experience.

I can optimize your Italian landing pages on search engines (SEO) with Yoast.

Plus, I will choose SEO-friendly keywords for your landing pages.

And all this at affordable prices.


If you need more info or a quote for a WordPress website translation, please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!