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3 simple SEO improvements to get backlinks automatically

3 simple SEO improvements to get backlinks automatically

Outreach is time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating). Wouldn’t it be awesome to get backlinks without the need to ask?

You should be able to get backlinks automatically. Undoubtedly this would save you much time and headackes.

As an SEO translator, I’m committed to creating content that gets backlinks automatically. So today I’m going to share with you 3 simple SEO improvements that will generate more backlinks to your blog posts automatically.

Let’s dive into it!


SEO improvements to get backlinks:

The underlying idea is optimizing your content so that it becomes the ideal source to mention. With this in mind:

  1. Focus on your main keyword since the beginning
  2. Keep the text simple, short and to the point
  3. Create links to sections within your blog post

1. Focus on the main keyword from the beginning

In your blog post, focus on your main keyword since the beginning. When users want to mention someone to validate their point of view, they will search for a relevant keyword. And they’re more likely to link to your post if your content is specifically around that keyword.

You have just a couple of seconds to convince them to mention you! So include the main keyword in the first sentence.

What would happen if your blog post starts with an introduction which isn’t strictly related to your main keyword? Simply put, people wouldn’t mention you. Once they click and open your blog post they’d realize that it doesn’t start by talking about their keyword.

“It’s not very interesting for my readers to read that introduction. I’ll click the back button and check out the second result on Google”, they’d probably think.

Personally I’d rather mention a blog post which starts right away by talking about the main topic, wouldn’t you?

2. Keep the text simple, short and to the point

There’s a debate about the ideal lenght of a blog post. When it comes to getting backlinks, keeping the text simple, short and to the point can be a better choice.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t write guides and cornerstone articles of 2,000 words and more. Covering a topic in-depth makes it relevant and helps with ranking. Still you may want to create some short posts around specific keywords, designed to be mentioned and get backlinks.

Think about it!

Should you need a source to link to — with a definition, or stats —, what would you search for? Probably you’d be looking for a clear, short text.


Let’s say you want to cite a source about the percentage of abandoned carts. You may be looking for a source that explains how many people abandon their cart, with statistics and a short comment. That’s it.

Personally I wouldn’t mention a source which is too complicated or overwhelming for readers, would you?

3. Create links to sections within your blog post

As a matter of fact, it’s not always possible to keep your text short. As an SEO translator, I can’t determine the lenght of a text, as it depends on the source. And arguably your blog includes longer posts, such as guides and lists of tips. So what to do with them?

Simply add an index right after the introduction, linking to each single section within your blog post.

How to create an index with hyperlinks (code):

In order to do so:

  1. First, include a this code right above each section. <a name=”topic”></a> Replace “topic” with your topic (without any spaces).
  2. Then create an index at the top. It should look like this:

<li><a href=”#topic-1″>Topic 1</a></li>
<li><a href=”#topic-2″>Topic 2</a></li>

Of course you should replace “topic” with the same exact word used above.

By doing so you’ll increase the chances to be mentioned. In fact, people will be able to link to the exact section they need. Each section will be provided with a separate link: https://yoursite/yourblogpost/#topic

In this blog post I followed this same process to create an index and separate links to these 3 tips. While it wasn’t necessary (as my content is really short), I wanted to show you how it looks.



Hopefully my tips will help you get backlinks automatically.

Also don’t forget to improve optimization to reduce your bounce rate and get a higher ranking.

After all… the more visibility, the more backlinks!

Last but not least, check out these amazing guides from SEO Experts about how to get backlinks:

Good luck! 😉