How to Get your Book Translated to Italian

If you’re an author, chances are you’re willing to go international. Selling books on the global market can be profitable and connecting with readers from all over the world is incredibly exciting.

Presently Italy is between the most popular foreign markets for indies. So why not to get your book translated to Italian?

Find a pro

Unless Italian is your mother tongue, don’t translate the book yourself. Quality is vital and you need a professional translation. To get your book translated, hire a top rated translator and talented ghostwriter — someone who is able to capture your voice and align with your vision.

Agree on terms

Agree on the price and deadline. Be available to discuss the title and clarify your wording if needed. Finally, ask your translator if he’ll be available to translate marketing materials for you.


Lots of indie authors also end up developing long-term partnerships with their translators. Creating a bestseller can be beneficial both for you and your translator.

It’s time to get your book translated and start selling in Italy 🙂

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