How to translate your website to Italian

How to translate your website to Italian

You might be willing to translate your website to Italian. Maybe you’d want to target the Italian market. It’s a great idea! But which is the best method to put it into practice?

You can integrate an automated translator into your website. Undoubtedly, it’s a cheap solution. Your texts would be updated automatically, as long as you add more content to your pages. The downside? Your translation wouldn’t sound completely natural.

Today, with AI and machine learning, the scenario is evolving. Automated translations are becoming more and more accurate. Still the best solution to drive traffic to your website is having a human translator localize your content.

Add even more value to your content by hiring an SEO translator. This would help your Italian website show up in the search engine results pages. Basically an SEO translator is going to:

  1. Translate your website
  2. Localize your content
  3. Optimize your text on search engines like Google and Bing

So simple, but it really makes the difference! 😉