Survive the corona-crisis with an online business (and change your life for the better)

Survive the corona-crisis with an online business (and change your life for the better)

Corona-crisis left many people out of work. Have you lost your job or closed your retail location because of coronavirus?

All is not lost.

Despite corona-crisis, there’s still a demand for goods.

And lately, ecommerce purchase frequency increased.

A good idea to survive the corona-crisis is starting an online business of your own or move your business online.

If everything goes well, you will not only survive the economic crisis…

You will become the owner of a thriving online business.

And change your life for the better. ?

All you need is a store and a strategy:

1. First, get creative and choose what to sell online.

In a corona virus economy, consumers look for gaming accessories, device holders, laptop stands. And even house slippers, pajamas or kitchen accessories.

Definitely go for something popular and in high demand.

Then create a simple and well-functioning online store.

2. Secondly you need a bulletproof marketing strategy.

Actually the highest risk you run is investing in a store and not being able to effectively drive sales.

Corona crisis Work from home Start online business

1. Create your online store

If you have some money to invest (and ideally a strong product to sell), you can hire a trusted Expert and set up a high-end store.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend a fortune to open a beautiful online store.

These are three of the most popular options:

? Sell online and in-person. Best for Store Owners

Check out the free 90-days trial offered by Shopify in response to COVID-19. If you want to DIY, follow their free online course and design your store by yourself.

? Very Cheap! Best Value for Money

Or, if you were thinking about a WordPress ecommerce website, choose a fast hosting like A2 Hosting — now starting at 2,76 € / 2.99 $ monthly. They offer you a Knowledge Base to learn how to host, develop, and maintain your web site.

? Best for Beginners

If you have no experience, you can even set up your ecommerce with Jimdo. They provide you with a turnkey solution. And with the Business plan you have unlimited products.

Covid-19 Savings Campaigns Marketing

2. Set up your marketing strategy

Again, if you can afford it, work with a trusted marketing Expert.

But if you’re on a budget: no fear!

Paid ads are becoming cheaper.

And the virus has been causing us to spend more time online.

Driving sales can be as simple as launching your own FB or Google campaigns.

This especially if you have some experience and your products are in a high demand due to COVID-19.

Last but not least, include SEO in your strategy.

Through international SEO, not only you can gain more traffic, but even can be less reliant on one country’s economy.

No risk no gain

Doing business can either lead you to success or failure.

So do your very best to succeed.

Day by day.

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